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Admission Requirements

How to Apply

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Important notes

  • Application deadline: For domestic students, we do not have a fixed applicaiton deadline and we process applicaitons on a rolling bases; for international student, application deadlines apply. Please check for the details. 
  • We do not waive application fees
  • We do not provide assistantships/scholarships/fellowships/financial support to students in this program because this is a professional degree programStudents who want to pursue this degree program need to be prepared to self-fund themselves completely. We will not answer any emails requesting assistantships to study in this degree program. 
  • This program is offered both online and in-person. You may apply to NMSU-Online (you can take all the courses online) or NMSU-Main Campus (which requires taking some courses in person).

Please have the following materials handy before you start your application.
- Your electronic copy of unofficial transcripts for your Bachelor degree
- Your English test score (applied to international students only)
- Your personal statements